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Business may be for sale.(Red Rock Garden Center)

Statuary and lawn ornaments.Inquire 845-674-8837

  Business and property are for sale or lease.

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1-Everything on this property is paid for in full.Therefor we can sell any item at a reasonable cost.Please note ,we are Not having a yard sale !!!

2-We have hundreds of scratch and dent items from over the years.You come and make a reasonable offer and take them.I will stay here untill we find the right buyer to continue the business as is.

3-My family and doctors tell me its time to stop lifting.I have no choice.I love what I do. Please note the property IS for here

4- WE ARE SELLING THE PROPERTY and or leasing it to a potential buyer of the business.(WE'VE BEEN AT THIS LOCATION FOR 38 YEARS.) WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF ITEMS for you to choose.Bring or tell a friend about us. 

                                                                                                                                                                                         5- You can also visit  WWW.STATUARY-WEATHERVANE.COM  Established in 1998.

                                            WWW.REDROCKGARDENCENTER.COM ESTABLISHED IN 1989

                                            WWW.CUPOLAS.COM  ESTABLISHED 2003

6-Someone has an opportunity to buy a real profitable business,makes real money and has been here for 37 years.The business has very little debt.We have thousands of repeat customers.I am willing to help the new owner for one month.I will not hold paper period.IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND HAVE THE MONEY, WE WILL DO A CREDIT CHECK FIRST,CALL TO INQUIRE.

7-If you are hard working,hands on and have a little common sense you will continue the success here.We are one of the only business around here that hasn't changed hands in 38 years.Many other local business have flipped  three or four times since we've been here.Our website was created and built in 1998. Many of even the largest corporations were still asleep at that time.We own many copyrights and have manufactured many of the  products on this site and my other sites and sold them throughout the world.